A Linen Organizing Idea

One of my spring cleaning projects this year was to go through my linen closets, which probably has not been done since, well, at least the last baby (four years ago). I purged and washed and folded. The built-in hallway linen storage that came with our 100-year-old house has the old-style drawers on wood runners. When I was a girl, my Nana taught me how to rub beeswax on wood runners for lubrication. I took the opportunity to apply this bit of folk wisdom and the stiff, squeaky drawers are now a thing of the past.

As I went through my bed sheets, I ran into a problem that has always vexed me when dealing with sheets. What SIZE is this set? And where did the pillowcase (flat sheet, fitted sheet, etc.) go? Even though I thought I would remember each set as I folded them, I invariably ended up UNfolding sheets (ugh!) to search for a tag that may–or may not–reveal the size. The idea of placing sheet sets into their own pillowcase only kind-of worked, and I still was often mystified as to what size I was dealing with. A marvelous solution dawned on me.

Inspired by the presentation of bedding at ritzy home retailers, I purchased a bulk amount of wide twill tape. After getting each sheet set or mattress pad identified and folded, I cross-tied each like a package, and then labeled the tape with the size. It looks cute, keeps the sets neat and together, does not put holes in the sheets, and identifies each set at a glance. The twill tape can be washed if need be, and will easily repurpose for another piece or set of bedding.

Of course, the cardinal rule of minimalism applies to linens as well; don’t collect too much! Bedwetters excepting, two sheet sets per bed is plenty. That’s with one on the bed.

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  1. Melissa Greene
    Melissa Greene April 14, 2017 at 4:54 pm |

    This is a great idea Heather! We use this method when staging estate sales. The sheets not only look lovely folded and wrapped for display on the beds, but it discourages shoppers from unfolding them and making a big unorganized mess. It seems more than half of selling is visual appeal 😉 Oddly, I never thought of using this idea in my own linen closet. Thanks for sharing!

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