Books That Have Shaped Me – Creating a Beautiful Home (Homemaking)

I’ve been wanting to do some posts on books that have impacted me over the years. The internet has caused book-reading to fall a long way, which is sad. But some of the greatest growth in my thinking has been the result of good old-fashioned books.

I just repurchased this volume for myself and decided to begin with it. I first came across it in the library during the early years of my marriage and loved it so much I bought my own. Then I lent it out, and you know how that goes. . .

Creating a Beautiful Home was written by an interior designer in the early 90’s. It is part philosophy, part decorating advice, and part memoir of the author’s historic home renovation. The decorating is dated now, but it was the philosophical parts of the book that made the most impact on me. Love of family life is evident throughout and is woven into how to approach home design.

Here are some favorite quotes:

“Perfection, in the final analysis, halts the creative process. It is the enemy of spontaneity and serendipity, surely two of the most glorious gifts of life. . . Living well is an earthy business.”

“Spend your money on what makes you happy, not on what you can show off. Be authentic.”

“Style emerges when you accept yourself.”

“The actual usefulness of a space is what counts.”

“Elegance is more often achieved by what you leave out.”

“Limitations are liberating, and their solutions self-directing.”

“Safe decorating is boring.”


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  1. Katherine
    Katherine July 20, 2021 at 11:07 am |

    Thank you for posting about this book. My Mom bought it for me years, like a couple of decades!, ago and I never read it. I need something other than homeschool and diet books to read so I’m going to pull it out. 🙂

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