One Little Bathroom

I’m still here; still building, still renting, and still homeschooling to the best of our ability. The year is still an unusual one for other reasons you know of. I was hoping we could be in our new home before the holidays, but that won’t be happening. Construction is going well, but slowly.

Our rental is somewhat of an adventure for us. It is small, with one 3/4 bathroom and no dishwasher; there are five (sometimes six) of us sharing it full time. I have appreciation for those who permanently live in a similar situation. We have found a few ways to make the single bathroom work smoother for us.

-No bath towels kept there. The kids hang theirs in their rooms. When it’s time to shower, they undress in their rooms and wear their towel or bathrobe to and from the shower. This results in zero clothes or towels left on the floor. The little, fan-less bathroom is less damp and cluttered with the towels hanging elsewhere. The Man and I keep ours in the laundry area.

-Storage on the walls. With a pedestal sink. there is very little storage space. A tiered shelf and hooks that are either over-the-door or removable Command-type work well. Toothbrushes hang on the wall, as well as a tumbler.

-A plug-in wall light hugely augments the sad little overhead light.

-Shower curtain that provides privacy. In the event of an emergency, someone can use the toilet while someone else is in the shower.

-A little makeup mirror sits on the windowsill which provides a second “vanity” if needed.

How do you make a challenging bathroom situation pleasant and efficient?


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