Our Breakfast Schedule


In the homemaking life, meals are not my strong point. Despite coming from a family of chefs and loving good food, I dislike cooking and all the surrounding duties of meal planning, grocery shopping, and kitchen cleanup. If you have noticed a dearth of meal-related posts, it’s because I’m still figuring it out!

But one thing that has worked well is a simple little breakfast schedule. I’m not a morning person and the last thing I feel like doing right off is provide a MEAL. And yet, I know the value of a good breakfast. So I sat down this past year and made up a schedule of meals that the kids could help themselves to. I don’t need to be around (I’m usually showering when the kids are ready to eat) and I know they aren’t eating cold cereal every morning. Although–full disclosure–we eats lots of cold cereal in the summer. Provide good-quality milk and lose the guilt.

Our bread is homemade. I make baking into a school subject and it gets done by one of the kids every week. If you like the idea of making bread, but it sounds overwhelming, consider a bread machine. I used one for years while the kids were little. They can often be found at second-hand stores.

My 7yo makes the eggs. The granola recipe can be found here. I will add crockpot oatmeal instructions in an upcoming post. Sometimes we have pancakes on the weekends, if the morning is lazy.

I printed out the schedule, mounted it on a stiff watercolor somebody made, and posted it on the kitchen whiteboard.

Happy Breakfasting!